WAK Group and Samsung to manufacture home appliances in Pakistan

Samsung has collaborated with WAKTECH to manufacture the home appliances in Pakistan. The subsidiary of WAK group has joined with Samsung Pakistan to lay the foundation for the assembly plant of home appliances in the Sundar Industrial Estate. Both leading companies will manufacture a huge array of home appliances by using the advance technology efficiently.

The products manufactures by Samsung Pakistan will range from cooking appliances and refrigerators to air conditioners, vacuum cleaners and the list goes on. With the growth in electronics industry and population, the demand for consumer electronic items has increased many times. People now demand more advanced and automatic items instead of traditional ones. Moreover, Pakistan is the most favorable market for the vendors because of strong roots of Chinese and smuggled items.

The man behind this collaboration of biggest giant of South Korea Samsung and WAKTECH is the chairman of WAK Group, Senator Waqar Ahmed Khan. By initiating this effort, he is not merely bringing advancement in technology but also increasing the chances of employment opportunities for people. The manufactured products will also be exported to the Middle East countries ensuring strong business and economic terms. Thus he is keeping up his words of making Pakistan economically stable.

Senator Waqar Ahmed Khan stated in an exclusive interview with Business Recorder that a wrong notion was created in a section of press in Pakistan that Samsung was reluctant to invest in Pakistan. This initiative is not merely confined to production of products but Samsung goes further into a research and development agreement with WAKTECH. This step goes beyond just binding efforts of two dynamic conglomerates as it will welcome the long term and healthy relationship. Cost effective and energy saving products will also compensate with energy crisis in Pakistan.


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