7 Simple and Powerful Ways to Grow Professionally in Pakistan


Going forward in life, a person requires both personal and professional growth and development as it makes him/her confident to accept the coming challenges. It also enables a person to set themselves free from a job where they don’t feel any growth and learning.
Job satisfaction and fulfilment both qualitative terms which ensure a person’s well-being in and outside the workplace. Being a businessman and chairman of the Long WAK to Success WAKGROUP, Senator Waqar Ahmed Khan shares 7 simple tips that can help you grow professionally in Pakistan
7 Simple and Powerful Ways to Grow Professionally in Pakistan


Senator Waqar Ahmed Khan – Chairman WAKGROUP

Senator Waqar Ahmed Khan, has an array of experience and expertise on issues that are vital for Pakistan’s future in Public as well as Social Sector . He has always innovatively worked at the forefront as Chairman WAKGROUP with his team and has proven to be a central Player for both the sectors.
Moving forward with the legacy of his father, Senator Gulzar Ahmed Khan who started this long journey to success in late 1950’s, Senator Waqar Ahmed Khan is refining and redefining the corporate culture of Pakistan by setting unprecedented standards of excellence in service, delivery and consumer satisfaction in shape of WAKGROUP.
Senator Waqar Ahmed Khan – Chairman WAKGROUP